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Tell Your Story Your Way

with Authority and Authenticity 


As a lover of words, I became a literary and composition professor and later a ghostwriter/ghostblogger to help other people bring their stories to life including the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award & Gold Medal winner for Resolve, Courage, Hope, the Unpublished Memoir of the Year.


Branded Interviews follows my passion for helping others tell their stories. While being interviewed on a radio program, I had an idea to turn my ghostwriting into videos. The rest was history.

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Branded Interviews helps authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses hone their message to make an impact for their media spaces by creating branded video interviews and blogging strategies that work for you. It's your story, tell it with authority and authenticity. 

What video interviews and blogging have in common is that both are simple to create but many people are either camera-shy, word-shy, or both. Blogs create active websites that help authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses own more of the internet. With each post, your website gains internet visibility. Blogs with video content are ranked higher by search engines. Put the two together and it's a win-win. Videos allow you to meet your customer or client where they are. No cold calling required. Don't let the market define your story, tell it your way with authority and authenticity through blogging and branded interview videos.

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