About Alison Nissen

Alison Nissen is the co-founder and president of Revel Coach, an inspiration platform and author of the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award Gold Medal Winner Unpublished Memoir of the Year Resolve, Courage, Hope and is the Streaming Media Chair and Board Member of the Florida Writers Association.

Branded Interviews follows Alison's passion for helping others tell their stories. While being interviewed on a radio program, she had an idea to turn her ghostwriting into videos. The rest was history.

Follow her Tales from the Laundry Room @alisonnissen.com. 

About Revel Coach

We all have dreams ...

Revel Coach is designed to create a community of women who want to inspire and be inspired.   “Maybe I could” is the driving principle behind our company because we know that with the support of like-minded women, anything is possible. 


Revel Coach provides mentorship to help you build a framework for Next Steps in your career, volunteerism, or public service. ​Join us Tuesday@2:00 where intelligent conversations turn dreams into action @RevelCoach.com.

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