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Add a 5-8 minute Branded Interview Video to your author pages and book websites. Use your logo, book, or series cover image to showcase your work. Meet your audience where they live...without the expense of a book tour. You know how exciting your book is, let your audience know, too! An excited audience is a buying audience. 


Let your expertise shine with a 30-second to 2-minute Branded Interview Video. Talk to your potential clients directly, describe your program, and elevate your website and social media platforms by marketing with warm introductions rather than cold calls. Your clients are looking for someone they can feel comfortable with, showcase your services today!


Grab your customers' attention with a 30 second to 2-minute Branded Interview Video. Build a relationship, share your vision, and seize a competitive advantage with warm introductions rather than cold calls. It's time to transform your business!


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Basic Plan

Authors: Single 5-8 minute Branded Book/Series Interview Video with Featured Images 

Coaches & Entrepreneurs: Single Branded Interview Video featuring your product or service with Featured Images for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Your Website(s)

  • Elevator Pitch Practice

  • 1 Social Post for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • Feature on Branded Interviews YouTube Channel with Thumbnail Art

  • Feature on Portfolio Page 

  • Links to Revel Coach Media Page

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Gold Plan


Basic Plan +

  • Additional Short Video Excerpt for Social Media 

  • 1 Hour Video Marketing Consulting

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Each Testimonial:  30-second to 1-minute Testimonial for Your Book, Service, or Product

  • Feature on Branded Interviews YouTube Channel and Thumbnail Art

  • Feature on Portfolio Page 

  • Links to Revel Coach Media Page

  • 1 Free Month Coaches Corner Powered by Revel Coach (a private Facebook community for marketing services)

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Custom Plan | Custom Price

Showcase Multiple Books, Products, & Services into a Single Custom Plan

Basic Plan + Custom Add-ons

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