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Fastest Way to Earn your (Future) Client's Trust

Recently, I learned that consumers trust individuals and companies with blogs as much as they trust New York Times best-selling authors. This sounded crazy to me until I went window shopping. Let me clarify, I went shopping for windows.

The first company we interviewed had connected with us via a solicitation phone call. I thought, why not, and scheduled an interview. The sales pitch was high-pressure. Buy now to receive my discount; I can stay in your kitchen until you decide. But once I’m gone, the discount vanishes. For. Ever.

We sent him and his windows packing.

We decided to interview additional companies. I investigated websites and found a local company with a blog. One article suggested that if a deal magically walks out the door with the sales rep, it’s not a good deal. I immediately scheduled an appointment with them.

Creating a blog that helps current and potential customers learn more about you, your business, and your values is key to winning trust and loyalty. In a Forbes article about trust, building a quality blog shows your authenticity and your authority, both of which help establish you as a trustworthy brand.

Today, more than ever, people equate brands with executives. We can’t think of Facebook without picturing Mark Zuckerberg or Virgin without Richard Branson. In a recent survey by Brand Builders Group, 74% of people are more likely to trust a company whose leaders have a personal brand which means more sales and more referrals.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business, or executive, you are probably the "face" of your company. Enhancing your personal brand is easy with a blog. It takes time to establish yourself as an expert, but with consistency, you will help elevate your company’s profile simply by adding quality information to the collective digital conversation.

Blogging does not need to be complicated and you don’t need to have an MFA in Creative Writing to write a great blog. You can post lists, quotes, or a review of your favorite inspirational book with a picture of the cover. It’s all about audience building. Connect with your audience by showcasing your knowledge as a subject matter expert.

Reading a blog inspired me to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. This company earned my trust because of a blog article. I didn’t need to read the NYT bestselling version of window sales strategies…I only needed a 500-word blog.

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Executive Mom Nest Advisor Alison Nissen, is a professor, ghostwriter/ghostblogger, and storytelling coach who helps small business owners, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs clarify their message so they can amplify their public presence.

**She also battles dog hair and laundry daily and shares my stories on her personal blog Tales from the Laundry Room.

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