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Hand Holding for the Camera Shy (3).png

When the camera goes on, does your mind go blank?


Don't worry about stage fright, we offer a simple step-by-step process to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Consider it handholding for the camera shy.


Step 1: Show up prepared. Consider these questions:

  1. What are you promoting?

  2. What's your pitch?

  3. How do you keep your clients inspired?

  4. How do you stay inspired?

  5. What does success look like for your clients?

Don't quite know how to articulate your pitch? We'll practice until you confidently share your message; it may take a few tries, and that is alright.

Additional food for thought:

  1. What are the top reasons clients come to you for your service (book/product)?

  2. Who is your audience? Why should someone select your _______?

  3. What are the top problems you solve for your clients? 

Step 2: Camera & Sound

Your camera (HD, laptop, cellphone), will determine the quality of footage. Don't have a camera at all? We can record sound only and use a few of your own photos or royalty-free stock images or film footage. 

If you have a high quality external mic or headset, use this. It's okay if you don't, today's computers usually come equipped with a good microphone. Using a cellphone? No sweat. We'll make it work!

Step 3: Laugh


Being nervous is natural. Instead, let's practice and laugh along the way. I'll guide you with questions. Knowing that you aren't in this alone helps. Consider me your Branded Interview Sherpa. 


Step 4:


There's no need to be perfect, that's why God invented editing software!

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